The Taekwondo Olympian who has made several debuts for USA as a national team player finally hangs his Dobok, retiring from active championships to focus coaching and  on other aspects of his life and family. Reading from his Facebook timeline yesterday;

“I believe that passion will always guide you in the right direction~

After 20 years of blood, sweat, tears, and smiles, the time has come to hang up the pads and move onto the next. This sport has my heart and gratitude. For all I have given to the sport, it has given me so much in return, that words could never explain.

Two things were told to me in my career that drove my desire, my motivation, my development, and ultimately guided my journey throughout this sport.

“You will be an Olympian”- Patrice Remarck- Told to me by a man who shaped the definition of Taekwondo for me, even when the Olympics seemed unrealistic and unattainable, it gave me something to strive for, even when it looked far away, I chose to keep going and never give up. I accomplished that goal in 2012, along with a medal performance, surrounded by teammates and my coach, Juan Moreno, who fought for me and with me through and through.

“You will be a lifer in the sport of taekwondo”- Juan Moreno- My relationship with Coach Moreno spans beyond taekwondo, he is a mentor and a friend, and our conversations gave me insight from one of the greatest coaches in our sport, and a vision passed what most see in our sport. He’s helped mature me into the person I am in and outside the ring.

When I reflect about these two thoughts,and how they positively affected my life. How could I not continue the cycle and pass along the knowledge and passion that my predecessors gave me?

Coaching is next for me, I’m ready to step into this new endeavor, in a way I think I’ve been preparing for this my whole career, to move into a new space where I can learn more, teach more, and inspire more!

Thank you to my parents and family, the strongest support system of them all, and thank you to all my outside support. It’s been an amazing ride! I’ve enjoyed every second, the good and the bad.

Be with me as I start this new chapter!
Thank you.”

messages from well wishers:

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